‘Quidditching’ Becomes A New Harry Potter Inspired Internet Craze

Quidditching Internet craze

A new internet craze named quidditching, which was inspired by Harry Potter, has started to sweep the online community.

The process of quidditching starts with an individual jumping in the air with a broom between their legs and ends with their friend taking a photo of them. It then comes out as if they are flying.

Thousands of Harry Potter fans have started to embrace this new craze, which is named after the mythical sport of quidditch from the Harry Potter series.

It started in Japan, but now Americans and Europeans have started to recreate the action. The act of quidditching comes of the back of a series of online trends which have included planking, owling, batmanning, and, most recently, Lion King-ing.

Lion King-ing sees pet owners all across the world lifting their animals above their heads, thus copying the infamous scene from Disney’s Lion King where Rafiki lifts Simba and introduces him to the herd.

Others trends have included planking, where people posted images of themselves lying flat in random places across the earth for no reason at all.

This was followed by Tebowing, which mas inspired by the Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. The footballer would drop down to one knee and pause with his hand then resting on his forehead as he solemnly prayed during his game.

Owling and batmanning saw people crouching on their knees and starring into the far off distnace. They are similar except that the latter was performed upside down though.

Yesterday, another internet craze known as condom snorting was reported. This sees individuals unravel a condom on camera, push it up their noses, and then snort it, before they then gag it back through their mouths.

Dozens of youngsters have gone on to perform the activity and a hoard of videos have now appeared online.