Donald Trump Will ‘Punish America’ If Joe Biden Wins The Election, Commentator Says

In a Wednesday op-ed for Raw Story, progressive commentator Thom Hartmann argued that Donald Trump would make it his mission to “punish America” if Joe Biden wins in November.

The radio personality pointed to various recent tweets from Trump in which he speculated that his loss could pave the way for a stock market crash and the evaporation of American 401Ks. He also noted that this narrative is spreading outside of Trump’s circle, highlighting recent reporting from CNN Markets and Forbes that suggest worries around a Biden presidency’s effect on the stock market.

Although the speculation appears to be fixating on the possibility that Biden will reverse Trump’s $1.5 trillion tax cut, Hartmann believes that another scenario is possible.

“But what if Trump decides he wants a slice of his favorite meal—revenge—and will get it during the nearly three months between the November 3 election and Biden’s inauguration on January 20?” he asked.

“What if Trump decides to punish America for not being sufficiently loyal to him, and that punishment is to drive America into a second Republican Great Depression while he’s handing the government over to Biden?”

Hartmann claims that Trump’s purported cowing of the Federal Reserve System has given him the power to — if he chooses to — exacerbate the current economic crisis, which continues to be fueled by the coronavirus pandemic.

“And the rest of the world is watching, as the dollar drops in value (and gold skyrockets) relative to other currencies, another sign that both inflation and economic disaster are on the horizon.”

The former psychotherapist opined that Democrats must not only retain their grip on the House of Representatives but seize power in the Senate and White House and focus their efforts on removing what he considers fascistic and oligarchic elements that have made their way into Trump’s White House.

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks to members of the media outside the White House.

Many have speculated on Trump’s actions in the event he loses the presidency, sparking various theories on his course of action. In an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times, Lawrence Douglas claimed that Trump might cope with a loss by stirring the pot and encourage his supporters to protest in the streets. In addition, Douglas believes that the real estate mogul could attempt to apply pressure on top Republican state legislatures to deem him the winner in their states.

With 2020 set to feature an unprecedented number of mail-in ballots, which could lead to delays in confirming the results, Douglas predicted that the president would be in a prime position to cause dissent.