Donald Trump’s Loss In November Could Cause America To Descend Into ‘Chaos,’ Republican Operative Says

As Donald Trump continues to lag behind Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the polls, some extremist experts and Republican political veterans are concerned about the aftermath. As reported by The Independent, some believe that the president’s loss could spark violence across the country.

Jonathan Lockwood, a veteran Republican operative, pointed to recent pushback against Democratic governance and suggested that a similar backlash could happen if Trump loses in November.

“I think we should fear a violent uprising… All it takes is for Trump to say one line or post one tweet,” he said.

Lockwood suggested that the uprising could include the occupation of state capitols and even a hostage situation.

“I think you could see takeovers of every [state] capitol, since the president seems to enjoy watching that from DC, and the country can descend into a chaos that we’ve never seen. People are gravely underestimating how pervasive these conspiracies and the de-legitimizing of Democrats governing truly are.”

Daryl Johnson, a former Department of Homeland Security analyst who works to combat domestic terrorism and far-right extremists, claims that extremists are already discussing the coming election and their plans in the case of a potential loss. According to Johnson, there is an increase in sympathy for extreme beliefs among Republicans in state and local politics. Johnson believes this purported surge could increase the possibility of violent confrontations, especially in regions like the Pacific Northwest, where he says these sympathetic politicians reside.

U.S. President Donald Trump awaits the arrival of Finnish President Sauli Niinisto to the White House August 28, 2017 in Washington, DC.

As reported by Yahoo! News, a recent report from the Democracy Fund Voter Study Group found 38 percent of Democrats surveyed would support redoing the election if Biden lost due to the electoral vote. If Trump lost in November due to the electoral vote, 11 percent of Republicans supported a do-over election. According to political scientist Larry Diamond of Stanford University, co-author of the analysis, there are “multiple contexts” that could lead to the mobilization of Americans who reject the legitimacy of the coming election’s results.

Joe Walsh, who briefly ran for the Republican nomination in the 2020 primary, believes that the loss of the White House or Senate could be two such contexts. He said the Republican Party is on its last legs and claims it will be “even more desperate” in the face of a November loss. In the face of such a failure, Walsh says the GOP will use violence in an attempt to bring the government to a halt.

Author Seth Abramson previously claimed that Trump has a plan for remaining in office in the case of a loss in the November election. In particular, the Proof of Collusion author said the president’s purported plan will harness the courts and media apparatus to help him retain his grip on power.