Rand Paul Calls Joe Biden A ‘Weakened Vessel’ Who Will Allow Far Left And Socialists To Control Administration

Rand Paul warned that if elected president, Joe Biden will become a “weakened vessel” who will allow “the far left, the socialists, and the Bernie Sanders of the party” to control the policies 0f his administration. The Kentucky senator shared his thoughts on a potential Biden presidency in videos shared by The Hill today.

Paul warned that even though Biden advertises himself as a moderate, his close ties to the far left are too obvious to ignore. The former vice president is just not strong enough to resist the influences, he said. Paul then rephrased a quote from Mitt Romney, in which the Utah senator said that he had “binders full of women” on his campaign staff.

“I see Biden saying ‘I have got binders full of socialists.'”

Paul said he expects the Democratic party will make Biden pay a price for his nomination by employing “very, very radical people” on his staff. He mentioned defunding the police as a policy that these potential staffers would be in support of, before going further into the issue and arguing that the American people are looking for law and order to be brought to their communities, something the Democrats have not been able to get done.

“I think that is crazy,” he said.

Elaborating more on his socialism concerns, Paul said he has watched the ideology grow in popularity alongside the rise of Bernie Sanders. After noting that recent polls show that over half of young people “think socialism would be a good idea,” the 57-year-old issued words of caution for them by citing Venezuela, Cuba, and other countries as warnings.

“Inflation is multiple thousands of percents, currency is worthless, and yet they (Venezuela) sit upon more oil reserves than any other country including Saudi Arabia and yet it is absolute poverty. Socialism doesn’t work,” Paul explained.

The politician is an ardent supporter of capitalism, saying that when workers try to maximize profits for themselves and their families, it generates more wealth for everyone in the process.

“The most selfless or greatest distribution of goods, the most humanitarian thing you can do is actually have an economy based on self interest.”

But while this particular interview saw Paul take aim at liberals, the libertarian-leaning lawmaker is not afraid to take up issue with his fellow Republicans, either. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Paul said his own party owes Barack Obama an apology for their critiques of his administration’s spending following their own economic mishaps.

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