Golfer Jon Rahm Gets Angry At PGA Tour Camera Operator, Proceeds To Block View During Broadcast

The PGA Tour continued Friday with the second of four days at TPC Harding Park in San Francisco. As reported by Golf World, participant Jon Rahm got visibly angry with one of the tour’s official camera operators, before proceeding to stand in front of them and block their view. The incident occurred Friday afternoon as Rahm was chipping on the course’s 14th green.

The report said that as Rahm’s ball went airborne, a photographer was seen moving into the golfer’s line of vision. Rahm reacted with a face of frustration before staring down the subject of his ire. His caddy, Adam Hayes, then stood up for his boss and told them they needed to stand still while out on the course.

“There’s not enough people out here. You can’t be walking all over the place,” he was quoted as saying.

After the initial interaction, the 25-year-old Spaniard missed his ensuing putt for par. After tapping in his ball to complete the hole, Rahm then marched back over to the camera operator in question and stood in front of the device to block its view in an apparent act of retribution. The broadcast, being shown by ESPN+, then promptly switched to a different feed of the action.

ESPN’s Nick Pietruszkiewicz tweeted that it “might be time to keep an eye on Jon Rahm,” adding that the athlete was heated after the exchange.

“Rahm’s temper causes him problems, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens now.”

One user responded that it wasn’t the movement that caused Rahm to walk away from the hole with a bogie, saying that it was “his crappy swing and bad attitude” that was to blame instead.

Another person on Twitter called the golfer out for being a crybaby who was just as unlikable as fellow PGA athlete Bryson DeChambeau, while also sharing a brief video clip of the exchange.

The event was not the first occasion in which Rahm made headlines in a situation involving a camera operator. On the tour in 2019, he was spotted urinating on a tree in a scene that was broadcasted live on TV. Ironically, he did so in the sightline of his playing partner, Dustin Johnson, as he was getting ready to chip.

After his round was over, Rahm chose not to speak with reporters. The former world No. 1 in the Official World Golf Rankings is currently one under for the tournament.

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