Monday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Has A Question For Brando As Jason’s Future Seems Uncertain

Monday’s episode of General Hospital should be intense based on the latest spoilers. Jason Morgan has been hospitalized after a motorcycle accident, and there are concerns that he may have sustained a traumatic brain injury. Mobster Cyrus Renault is celebrating and certainly seems to have orchestrated the crash, and there are definitely questions regarding how Brando Corbin might be involved too.

As viewers saw during Friday’s show, Jason’s loved ones rushed to General Hospital as word of his crash spread. Jordan Ashford was scrambling to cover her tracks, avoiding questions from her husband about where she had been. Detective Harrison Chase seemed to notice something significant when he studied a photo of the crash scene, and Sonny Corinthos seemingly already finds the situation to be rather suspect.

In the sneak peek for Monday’s episode of General Hospital, he was shown questioning Brando. He asked if his cousin was sure there wasn’t anything he needed to say, and fans will see how Brando answers this on August 10.

According to SheKnows Soaps, the mobster won’t be the only one with some questions for the garage mechanic. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sam will be suspicious too. Granted, these two have already had some verbal dustups, enough that some fans have speculated that there could eventually be a romance between them. For now, however, her worries are on her beau.

Jeff Kober films as Cyrus Renault on 'General Hospital'

General Hospital spoilers hint that Dr. Hamilton Finn may have good news after the exploratory surgery he recommended, at least initially. Sam is said to receive good news during the coming week. However, things will then make a terrible turn for her in some sense.

General Hospital fans will be curious to see what the writers have in mind here. As long-time viewers know, Jason suffered a traumatic brain injury years ago after a different accident. It completely changed his personality, facilitating his eventual connection to Sonny and the mob world.

Could this potential TBI change him again, perhaps to be more like he had been years ago? During the last chat he had with Jordan, she said that he would have made a fantastic cop, a comment that seemed to catch both his interest and that of the show’s viewers.

It would certainly shake things up in Port Charles if he came out of this hospitalization feeling like a different person. This week of new General Hospital episodes had plenty of foreshadowing that something ominous was about to happen to him, but everybody will have to stay tuned to see what the long-term outcomes are.

In the meantime, Cyrus is thrilled that Sonny’s right-hand man is seemingly out of the way, and that signals that more mob violence seems to be on the horizon.