Red Sox Show Support For Boston Marathon Tragedy

The Boston Red Sox finished their game against the Tampa Bay Rays just before the Boston Marathon bombing on Monday afternoon and have since showed their support for the city. Many players, both current and former, took to Twitter and other networks to send their prayers to the families and victims of the tragedy.

The Red Sox held off the Rays for a 3-2 win early Monday and fans celebrated outside of Fenway Park. The celebration didn’t last long as tragedy struck an hour later only a mile away from the stadium.

Two explosions went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon just over four hours into the race that killed three people and left over 130 people injured. Confusion set-in quickly throughout Boston’s streets as people scrambled to help in anyway that they could.

Hundreds of Boston’s finest took to the streets to help in rescue efforts as everyone pitched in to make a difference and share their support for the community.

The Red Sox were still in the clubhouse when the explosions went off, and it didn’t take long for the disaster to set in with players.

After talking with reporters, the team took their flight to Cleveland for their next series and showed their support with heart-felt remarks.

Third baseman Will Middlebrooks was the most vocal as twitter became a medium for players to send their prayers.

Outfielder Shane Victorino quickly sent out his best regards along with his thoughts on Boston’s toughness in handling the tragedy.

Former Red Sox’s greats, Wade Boggs and Curt Schilling, also shared their blessings for the city. Schilling added that he is “proud to be an American” after watching the rescue effort.

Boston was practically shut down after the explosions went off and rightfully so. The Boston Bruins game was immediately cancelled and the Celtics match-up with the Indiana Pacers was called as well.

Neither game has been rescheduled as of now though both will need to be made up due to playoff implications. For now, the focus remains on the victims of the Boston Marathon and their families.

The Red Sox are in Cleveland for the start of a three-game set against the Indians, and the players are excited to compete for their city a day after it was struck with tragedy. Middlebrooks took to Twitter again Tuesday morning and shared his pride for wearing the Red Sox’s uniform.

Sports have always been a way to give affected communities a little bit of light through the shadows of tragedy, and the Red Sox will look to do just that. Nothing can fully take away from the pain of those who lost their loved ones, but relief has always found a way to show itself in many different forms.

Baseball has been that relief in the past, as the New York Yankees run to the World Series in 2001 was a glimmer of hope for New Yorker’s after 9/11. The Yankees gave New York a reason to believe again, not only in themselves but each other.

The Red Sox will now do their best to bring hope back into the lives of the people who have supported them throughout their history.