Bekah Martinez Defends Decision To Continue Breastfeeding 18-Month-Old Daughter

Bachelor alum Bekah Martinez recently defended herself against critics who scolded her for continuing to breastfeed her 18-month-old daughter, Ruth. Martinez took the time to set the record straight, pointing out that there is no medical evidence that breastfeeding through the toddler years causes any harm to a child, according to Today.

Martinez is known for being open and honest about parenting on social media. She shares two kids with her boyfriend, Grayston Leonard. In addition to Ruth, she welcomed her son Franklin in June. She recently shared an Instagram photo — seen here — of herself happily breastfeeding both children at the same time. This was the post that led to some critical comments and negativity in recent weeks, causing Martinez to defend herself.

“There is NOTHING psychologically damaging about nursing through and even past the toddler years. We’ve got it sooooo backwards now as a society,” she wrote in an Instagram story.

The mother of two is correct in regards to this issue. In fact, studies show that children that are breastfed beyond the age of 2 become ill less often and have better concentration.

Dr. Joan Meek, a clinical professor at the Florida State University College of Medicine, weighed in on the topic. She confirmed that Martinez is not harming her child in any way by continuing to breastfeed her.

Kendall Long and Bekah Martinez pose on the red carpet.

“Studies actually show that breastfeeding in general is associated with greater independence and psychological adjustment in children,” she said.

Due to the proven benefits, medical professionals encourage mothers to breastfeed their kids until at least age 1 if they are able to do so. After that, it is up to them when they would like to stop.

“No one has established the upper limits at which point the benefits go away,” Dr. Meek continued.

Martinez has a large social media platform. Parenting in front of the public eye is bound to lead to some critical comments. However, she also gets a lot of support from other mothers as well. Many moms have thanked her for normalizing breastfeeding by not being ashamed to share photos like this.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Martinez gave birth to baby Franklin in a pool in her own living room. She opted for a natural birth. She announced the birth of her son on Instagram on June 20 and shared an adorable photo of her sleeping child. You can see that post here.

“He’s. HERE. Born blissfully in our living room at 2:52am, June 19th. 7lbs, 8oz.,” she wrote.