Mystery Man Spotted On Roof Near Boston Marathon Explosions

Dan Evon

Police are currently searching for the person responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing but some Twitter users believe that the person may have already been found. A photo is currently circulating around the internet showing a mystery man on the roof near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Could this be the man responsible for detonating the bombs?

It's impossible to identify the hazy figure but the image has started a debate on Twitter. According to Yahoo News, the photo was taken by spectator Dan Lampariello.

The marathon runners can be seen making their way toward the finish line as a fiery explosion is set off at one of the buildings. Above all the commotion, a mystery man is walking along the roof.

One user writes: "The picture of the guy on the roof overlooking the second explosion is the spookiest thing I have ever seen."

The Boston Police Department reportedly arrested a Saudi National after the bombing today but officials later said that the rumor wasn't true. The FBI has taken over the case from the BPD and so far no one has been taken into custody.

Do you think police are looking for the mystery man on the roof?

The blurry figure in the photo may not be much use to police but they may decide to take a look. After all, the Boston Police department did send out a tweet today asking for anyone with photos or videos of the bombing to contact the BPD.

— Boston Police Dept. (@Boston_Police) April 15, 2013

mystery man on roof

— Boston to a T (@Boston_to_a_T) April 15, 2013