Man Dodges Long Island Train Fare By Climbing On Roof [Video]

Man dodges train fare on Long Island Rail Road

A New Yorker was caught avoiding his fare on Sunday after he jumped on top of the train instead of taking a seat like the other passengers.

He climbed up on top of the Long Island Rail Road train at some point before the Forest Hills station on Sunday morning in Queens, New York, where Boruch Nemtzov caught him.

The 28 year-old then took several photos on his iPhone as the eastbound train paced past, and he even found time to record a video too, which you can watch below. He appears to be holding on for dear life.

The man must have been extremely cold, because he was only wearing grey denim jean, a backpack, and sneakers whilst laying flat on his stomach across the roof.

Nemtzov was waiting for a train into Manhattan when he noticed the individual, and he told the New York Daily News, “What was he doing up there? Maybe he was trying to beat a $20 fare.”

The train was heading towards Babylon, and Nemtzov rung the police to inform them of the fare dodger, but it is unknown whether or not he was caught before he got to the end of the line.

This fare dodger tale isn’t the strangest of recent memory though. A Colorado woman was arrested on April 10 after she got into an argument with a taxi driver because she couldn’t pay the fee and apparently then attacked him with a vicious nipple twist instead.

Meanwhile, last month a mother and a grandmother left their baby behind in a train station in an attempt to try and not pay the full fare for SEPTA system’s El in Philadelphia.

A spokeswoman for SEPTA, said, “The grandma thought the mother was going to bring the baby through the gate for strollers and wheelchairs and the mom though grandma was taking the baby back with her.”

Have you ever tried to dodge a fare?