Jack Osbourne On Split Rumors: My Parents Are Not Divorcing

sharon osbourne

Are Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne getting a divorce? Their son Jack addressed the split rumors today saying that his parents were not separating.

The Osbourne split rumors started today when Sharon was spotted moving into a new house without her wedding ring on.

Jack didn’t say why his mother was moving into a new house but he did say that the rumors about a divorce were complete bulls**t.

Jack wrote on Twitter: ”…it’s all bulls**t. Last time I check a lot of British news papers weren’t amazing sources of accurate information. Moving on… ”

Jack isn’t the only one to deny the split rumors. A spokesperson for Sharon released a statement today saying that Sharon and Ozzy spend a lot of time apart because of their busy schedules but added that there were no plans to divorce anytime soon.

The spokesperson said: ”They’ve both got huge work commitments. She is at the hotel for work and he is starting his Black Sabbath tour. Of course they row but they are still together. Sharon and Ozzy have spent long periods of time apart before when she was working in the U.K.. The marriage is not on the rocks.”

Do you think Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are going to get a divorce?