Donald Trump Tweets Altered ‘Time’ Magazine Cover, Implies ‘Trumpism’ Will Last Indefinitely

Donald Trump shared a video to his Twitter account Tuesday evening showing an altered cover of Time praising his influence and the strength of his supporters. As of press time, the tweet had 80,000 likes and counting to go along with a slew of comments from across the political spectrum.

The 30-second video began with the image of the October 11, 2018, Time cover that featured a “Trump 2024” yard sign as the main focus. In the background were six additional campaign signs, each increasing by four years until they end at 2048. The clip then panned to the left and zoomed in on the furthest sign, which had a superimposed figure of the president standing behind it. He stood proudly, nodding in approval as the years continued to change in front of him.

The changes happened gradually through the remainder of the 21st century, before getting more rapid in progression and eventually ending in the year 90000. The number was then replaced with “EEEEEE” before the sign read “TRUMP 4EVA.”

Also on the cover were the headlines to two articles inside of the issue. The large headline read “How Trumpism Outlasts Trump,” a piece authored by longtime journalist and historian Sam Tanenhaus. The story underneath was titled “The Strength of his Support” and written by a duo of journalists in Brian Bennett and Justin Worland.

In the piece written by Tanenhaus for Time, he contended “a new generation of conservatives says economic populism is the future.”

He spoke with several Republican activists, including those in full support of the president and some who harbored varied levels of apprehension into his policies and approach. David Azerrad was in the latter group and believed there will not be a return to normalcy once Trump leaves office. His impact on American society was just too big, paving way for the birth of “Trumpism.”

Much like the subjects of Tanenhaus’ article, the commander-in-chief’s tweet attracted a myriad of responses and opinions as well. While many replied in jest or with comical GIFs, others showed their support.

“TRUMP 2020” tweeted one follower.

“Other wartime presidents have had 3 terms, so Trump 2020, Trump 2024,” argued another.

“THANK YOU TRUMP THEY WONT TAKE OUR GUNS AND OUR INDEPENDANCE [sic],” noted a third supporter, who replied with a photo of a Trump flag of their own.

The tweet came during what has been an active week for the president on the social media platform. As The Inquisitr previously reported, he came under fire following a Monday evening demand to “OPEN THE SCHOOLS!!!” while the country continues to see a rise in COVID-19 cases.

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