Dominic Zamprogna Declares It’s ‘So Great To Be Back’ On ‘General Hospital’ & Fans Are Thrilled

Dominic Zamprogna attends the Daytime Emmy Awards
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

General Hospital did not waste any time in generating a lot of excitement among viewers with their shift from reruns back to new episodes on Monday. As had been rumored, actor Dominic Zamprogna has returned as Dante Falconeri, and it looked like this development has everybody involved quite thrilled.

The show didn’t wait long to share a welcome back note via Twitter, and Dom was quick to add to it. He retweeted the original General Hospital post and added that it was great to be back with his “family.”

The photo that was originally shared on the General Hospital social media pages appeared to show Dominic during rehearsals. He had a green face mask on — a nod to the precautions being implemented on the set due to the coronavirus pandemic.

What appeared to be perhaps some camera equipment was visible in one corner of the snapshot, and the actor was facing someone — likely a General Hospital producer — who seemed to be speaking.

The news of the actor’s return did not necessarily surprise all of the viewers, as there had been tidbits swirling around about this over the past couple of months. However, this was revealed within the first few minutes of Monday’s episode, and people immediately began celebrating on Twitter.

“That was a wonderful surprise today – good to see you back, hope you stick around,” one General Hospital viewer noted.

It appeared that the consensus was that this was fantastic news, but that folks hoped this would be a long-term return. Since originally vacating the role of Dante some time ago, Dom had returned for some quick appearances. However, he recently noted he was interested in sticking around, thus making it likely that is a long-term return.

“Believe me when I say ‘I FREAKIN’ MISSED YOU!’ And I have never been more excited to see you back on my screen today,” another person posted.

“Well hello Dom! Its so nice to have you back where you belong. Yes, I just sang that out loud!” someone else declared.

At this point on the soap, Dante is at a WSB facility in Switzerland. He doesn’t appear to be doing well, but it was demonstrated that he was missing his mother Olivia immensely. Based on that, it seems that General Hospital fans will not see him back in Port Charles for a little while yet. However, that journey home seems to be on the horizon.

“Oh how we missed YOU, thank you for delighting us and sharing your impeccable talent!!!” a third individual detailed.

The two months that everybody went without new episodes of General Hospital were certainly challenging ones, but the soap definitely came back with a bang. This leaves people hopeful that the writers have more great stuff planned. Spoilers should begin to emerge again soon teasing what’s next.