Jennifer Duggar Celebrates Her 13th Birthday & Fans Think That She Could Be Jana’s Twin

Jennifer Duggar turned 13 on August 2, and that means the family has another teenager in their household. The Counting On stars took the celebration outdoors, as seen in a series of photos that were posted on Instagram Sunday.

Jennifer appeared to be happy as she celebrated with her loved ones over the weekend. A table was set up in what looked like a park setting. There were picnic tables and a building in the background. The Duggars own a lot of land in the area, so there is a possibility that this could have been somewhere on their own property as well. The birthday girl sat at the table with her family gathered around her taking snapshots.

There was a balloon arch over the table that consisted of purple, pink, and white glittery balloons. In the middle of the arch was a sign with gold letters that said “celebrate” on it.

The 17th child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar wore a dark blue jumper featuring a white vine print. She sported a white top underneath the jumper with her long light brown hair flowing down over her shoulders.

It appeared that she may have swapped the typical cake for some brownies. Jennifer posed with a large container of brownie bites next to her that had candles with her age on top of it. It looked like the bite-sized treats may have been used to make some type of brownie sundaes. There were plastic cups filled with gummy worms and M&Ms, as well as chocolate syrup and cans of whipped cream.

The caption on the Instagram post described Jennifer as being “dependable, loyal… and fun!” Her parents also revealed what an animal lover she is. She recently helped to raise seven baby bunnies.

The family’s followers took to the comments section to wish Jennifer a happy birthday. However, there seemed to be another common thread among fans. Most of the comments mentioned how much she looks like Jana in the main photo.

“Happy 13th birthday Jennifer! She is Jana’s twin!!” mentioned one follower.

“She’s identical to Jana!” someone else said.

The reality TV clan has two sets of twins, with the 30-year-old Duggar daughter being one of them. Some of the kids even get mistaken for actually being twins but really aren’t. Recently, brothers Josiah and Jason noted that some people mistake them for being twins when they go shopping. It may be when Jennifer gets a little older, she and her big sister may be faced with the same thing as well.

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