Duggar Boys Jason And Josiah Get Mistaken For Twins, And Fans Agree How Much They Look Alike

Two of the Duggar boys, Josiah, 23, and Jason, 20, recently went shopping at their local hardware store in northwest Arkansas where they were apparently mistaken for being twins. The stars of TLC’s Counting On had their picture taken while out and about, and the younger sibling posted it on his Instagram for his 18.7 million followers to see. They seemed to understand the confusion that the people at the store had.

The brothers were standing side-by-side in the close-up snapshot in what was likely the inside of the hardware store that he was talking about in his Wednesday post. He indicated that the people there had a hard time telling them apart whenever they went in for a visit. The photo does show many similarities between them, and Duggar fans wholeheartedly agreed that they could indeed pass for twins.

The Duggar boys wore baseball caps on their heads. Jason’s hat had the name of his construction business called Build Master Construction on it. Josiah’s cap was titled upward on his head giving no indication on what was on it.

Both young men sported beards, however, the 20-year-old Duggar son appeared to have more facial hair than his older brother, and it was also a touch darker in color. He also wore a collared striped shirt with a white T-shirt underneath, while Josiah Duggar wore a simple blue T-shirt.

Parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar did actually have two sets of twins among their 19 kids: John David and Jana, 30, and Jedidiah and Jeremiah, 21.

The fan reactions in the comments section revealed that they also noticed the strong resemblance between the Duggar sons, especially with their hats on. Some even brought up that they had a stronger resemblance than Jedidiah and Jeremiah.

“Honestly, you guys look more alike than Jed and Jer do,” said one follower.

“You 2 look more like twin than the other brother,” another fan pointed out.

“Yea. It’s crazy how much y’all look alike,” a third person remarked.

Jason just set up his own Instagram account less than a month ago. Many fans believed that was a sign that he was in a courtship. However, he does have his own business now. He had previously shared a couple of posts promoting his work, while also sharing pics of family time.

His brother, Jed Duggar, also set up an account on the social media platform last year. He is not courting yet either, but he is running for Arkansas State Representative. He recently sent out an Instagram share showing off him and his five brothers standing in front of a flag while all dressed up earlier this month.

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