‘General Hospital’ Star Mark Dawson Teases Rumored Return Of Dante

Mark Lawson attends the 6th Annual ABC and SOAPnet salute to Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS benefit.
Rob Loud / Getty Images

It looks like this fall will be a wild one on General Hospital, as actor Mark Lawson seems to be hinting at a major upcoming development. He plays the character of Dustin Phillips, who is a high school teacher currently involved romantically with Lulu Spencer. However, the buzz is that her ex-husband Dante Falconeri is about to return to Port Charles, which seems to be reinforced by Mark’s latest Instagram post.

People have been speculating for months about the idea that Dante might pop back up again in Port Charles. Then, an interview with actor Dominic Zamprogna revealed that he had explicitly talked with executive producer Frank Valentini about wanting to return to General Hospital.

Thursday night, reports emerged indicating that this return was a done deal. It sounds as if a love triangle is on the way and this one might have fans torn. By the looks of things, however, people shouldn’t count out the high school teacher yet.

About a month ago, the General Hospital star hinted at this development with a social media post. On Thursday, he did it again.

The GH star shared a photo showing him outdoors, seemingly shirtless. He wore a pair of headphones along with a backward baseball cap and a pair of sunglasses. He also had a fair amount of scruff on his face, signaling that he had not shaved for at least a few days. This likely meant that he had not yet had scenes to film back on the set for General Hospital.

In his caption, the actor said he had heard rumblings and that Dustin was ready. He added hashtags that specifically referenced his competition for Lulu’s affection, in what seemed certain to be a nod to Brady Bunch “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” quote from Jan Brady.

His hashtags also teased that he was staying soapy and that his character was a man of chivalry.

“Awesome!! Can’t wait!!!” one General Hospital fan responded.

“Oooooh… a Dustin/Dante/Lulu storyline would be SO good!” declared another viewer.

“So fun!!! And you both have 3 daughters in real life this will be a tough one because I totally expected to not like you (because I love @thedominator1979 with Lulu) but I do,” someone else acknowledged.

“Can’t wait to see what they have in store for you next :),” wrote a fourth person.

Will the writers find a way to keep Mark on the show even if his current love interest reunites with her ex? It does seem as if his past with Brook Lynn Quartermaine is being played up quite a bit, but General Hospital fans could probably think of some other new romantic partners, too, if needed.

General Hospital spoilers from ABC haven’t revealed anything about this triangle storyline yet, but it certainly appears as if the writing is on the wall. By the looks of things, viewers are excited to see this.