'Indian Matchmaking': Ravi Guru Singh Says Nadia Jagessar Was Confused About Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez

Stephanie Barnes

After sitting through an awkward date with Nadia Jagessar on Netflix's Indian Matchmaking, Ravi Guru Singh has opened up about the experience, according to a report from Screen Rant. The Netflix Original follows popular Indian matchmaker Sima Taparia as she attempts to create love connections between her single clients.

During the series, viewers were introduced to Jagessar — a Guyanese-American event planner from New Jersey — who was matched with Singh, but things didn't go well for the pair and the lawyer was left looking like a terrible date. In an attempt to clear his name, Singh uploaded a video explaining that the encounter wasn't as strange as it appeared to be on-screen. He claimed the show did a bad job at editing and called out Jagessar for not being more politically aware.

"First of all, we ended up exchanging information at the end of the date," he said. "The only reason I wasn't feeling it because she had no idea who AOC was. She was a bartender, she became a wedding planner and I was like, 'Oh, you were like AOC,' because she went from being a bartender to being a member of Congress. She asked, 'Who's AOC?' and I said 'Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,' and she had no idea who that was."

He said he preferred women who are more aware of social events and felt he needed to maintain a high standard when choosing a potential wife. Singh closed by reiterating that the show was "highly edited and highly manipulated."

While appearing on a bonus episode of the show, Singh said he hasn't been in touch with the famous matchmaker and that he's still single. When asked whether he was still open to finding his wife through an arranged marriage, he said it was an option.

"I'd be down for it," he said. "It just depends on the criteria and maybe…maybe I'll do it in private next time."

He also said that meeting with matches for an arranged marriage comes with an extra level of seriousness compared to casually scrolling through dating apps. In his video, Singh said if he were looking for a casual relationship, he would have definitely gone out with Jagessar again but her lack of AOC awareness knocked her out of the running for anything more serious.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jagessar was also matched with Vinay Chadha, and viewers thought they made a great couple. Unfortunately, things got complicated for the pair after Jagessar said Chadha canceled plans on multiple occasions, and eventually ghosted her.

In an Instagram post — which you can see here — he said he was the one who was left "heartbroken and ghosted" after the dust settled.

As for the bubbly event planner, she said she's currently single but she is still open to the idea of having an arranged marriage.