Stephanie Sanzo Impresses Instagram Followers With Killer Physique In Seven-Year Transformation Snaps

On Thursday, July 30, fitness model Stephanie Sanzo left a new post on Instagram in which she showed off the incredible changes that have occurred in her physique over the course of seven years of intense training.

The photos were posted side-by-side to give viewers a direct comparison of the fitness trainer’s transformation. In the left-hand snap, Stephanie took a mirror selfie at the gym. She wore a gray tank top and black booty shorts. Her blond tresses were pulled back in a low ponytail with her side bangs left loose across her face. She accessorized with a black exercise watch.

In the right-hand photo, Stephanie posed for the camera in a white sports bra and black booty shorts. She wore her hair loose and flowing down her back and shoulders with the front half pulled up into a high ponytail. The model wore a white exercise watch and a pair of glitzy stud earrings. Her nails were painted a bright red.

The difference between the two photos could be seen in the definition of Stephanie’s muscles. While she was in shape and toned in the left-side photo, her muscles bulked up over time and in the present-day snap, her quad muscles were much larger. Her arms and abs were also well-defined after the transformation.

In the caption, Stephanie told her followers that there’s nothing wrong with a 12-week transformation, but that they need to have patience while on their journey. She cautioned that if they rise too quickly, they’ll end up falling fast, and that they should focus on making small, sustainable changes over an extended period of time.

Stephanie added a message for women worried that weight training will make them appear bulky, writing that she trained with the intention of gaining muscle, but she’s still a long way from turning into Arnold Schwarzenegger. In other words, women do not need to fear that lifting will turn them into a man.

The post proved to be one of Stephanie’s most popular, earning almost 75,000 likes and a whopping 1,300 comments within the first day. Many of her followers were inspired by her fitness journey and appreciated her wise words.

“I got you! [A] healthy mindset is harder to achieve but I am learning a lot from you and thank you for what you do,” one user wrote.

“I love your words. Thank you and you look amazing xx,” praised a second admirer.

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