Stephanie Sanzo Showcases Pert Backside In Booty Shorts For Glutes Workout

Fitness model Stephanie Sanzo took to popular social media platform Instagram on Wednesday, July 29 to post a new workout video in which she targeted her glute muscles.

The fitness trainer showed off her enviable physique in a white sports bra and black booty shorts. The top dipped low on Stephanie’s chest and left plenty of skin on display, drawing the eye to her sculpted arms, shoulders, and back. Her muscular abs were also left exposed. The booty shorts showcased Stephanie’s gym-honed backside and ended at the tops of her thighs, giving viewers an eyeful of her chiseled legs. The shorts included a pair of back pockets.

Stephanie completed the outfit with black high-top Converse sneakers while accessorizing with a white exercise watch and glitzy stud earrings. She pulled her long, blond tresses up into a high ponytail that flowed down her back.

The glutes workout took place in the gym where Stephanie used a variety of equipment, including dumbbells, a bench, a couple of different resistance bands, and specialized weight-lifting machines. She demonstrated a total of five exercises, each separated into an individual video clip. Stephanie indicated in the caption of the post that her followers should aim for four sets of each exercise. The number of reps varied from between 10 and 30 per move.

The model began the routine with Bulgarian split squats. In this move, Stephanie placed one foot back behind her on a bench and then performed a series of one-legged squats while holding a dumbbell in each hand. She followed the split squats with banded stiff leg deadlifts. She placed a resistance band around her hips, which was attached to something off-frame, and then bent over repeatedly with both weights still in her hands.

The third slide featured the banded hip thrust. Stephanie used a machine designed to add resistance to the thrusts while also wrapping a band around her thighs. The fourth exercise was the banded hip abduction. The trainer sat with the band around her thighs and her legs spread open, and then proceeded to close and open them for several reps. The routine ended with deficit sumo deadlifts. Stephanie held one dumbbell vertically between her legs as she completed each squat.

In the caption, Stephanie told her followers to prepare for a “serious burn” if they try the workout. Her fans appeared to enjoy her latest video, leaving more than 30,000 likes and over 500 comments within the first day.

“Always love your workouts!” one Instagram user commented.

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