'Indian Matchmaking': Nadia Jagessar And Vinay Chadha Talk About Their Relationship On The Show

Netflix's Indian Matchmaking was an instant hit for the streaming platform, and cast members Nadia Jagessar and Vinay Chadha are back to share updates in a reunion special on the platform's YouTube channel.

During the first episode, viewers were introduced to Jagessar — a 32-year-old Guyanese-American event planner from New Jersey — who quickly became a fan favorite. She was matched with Chadha and it seemed like a perfect pairing until he began ignoring messages and canceling dates. Later, Jagessar revealed to her friends that she had been ghosted and broke into tears while sitting in a bar.

While appearing on the reunion special, she said she completely cut Chadha out of her life after they stopped filming because he treated her "poorly" and she deserved better. However, according to Chadha, the relationship ended a lot differently in his mind. He said there were two sides to the story, and he wasn't able to share his side on the show.

"I know what happened, she knows what happened," he said. "I'm never going to discount what she believes or what she thought because that's her truest feelings but I have my truest feelings too."

"I did mess up, I owned it, but the fact that it was said that I had ghosted her really hurt me because that didn't happen."
In an Instagram post -- which you can see here -- he said he was the one who was left "heartbroken and ghosted" after Jagessar stopped speaking to him. He said he never flaked on her without providing a good reason, and that he had "receipts" to support his version of the story.

Jagessar declined to comment on Chadha's recap of the relationship.

After the failed connection with Chadha, Jagessar moved on to another match, Shekar Jayaraman. The two shared a romantic date in his home of Chicago, but the event planner revealed that the relationship quickly soured when the cameras stopped rolling. In an interview with Oprah Mag, she said she was "disappointed" that she wasn't able to find a match on the show, but that she's still open to love and arranged marriages. She also said that she had no negative feelings against any of her failed matches.

"Everyone's been handling the show in a different way," she explained. "I just have no hard feelings towards anyone. I want happiness for everybody. I know everyone is going through a really hard time right now."

Over the years, Netflix has become known for creating binge-worthy reality dating television, including Too Hot to Handle and Love Is Blind, and Indian Matchmaking was no different. The series followed Sima Taparia, a popular Indian matchmaker, as she traveled to meet clients and make love connections all over the world.

As of this moment, there have been no official announcements for Season 2 of Indian Matchmaking.