Linn Lowes Flaunts Sculpted Booty In Skintight Leggings For New Glutes Workout

Linn Lowes takes a mirror selfie in a white sports bra.
Linn Lowes / Instagram

Fitness model Linn Lowes posted a new workout video to popular social media site Instagram on Thursday, July 30, in which she trained her sculpted glutes.

The fitness trainer wore a yellow sports bra that was made of a mesh material and included a large cutout along the upper back. The top left plenty of skin along her upper body exposed, drawing the eye to her muscular arms and toned tummy. She paired the top with gray leggings that rose high on her hips and pinched inward along the backside, flattering Linn’s sculpted booty. The model finished the outfit with a pair of yellow, blue, and white sneakers. She wore her straight, blond tresses in two half-up pigtails and tucked the loose strands behind her ears.

The glutes workout took place at a gym where Linn made use of several pieces of equipment, including a pulley machine, half balance ball, a barbell, and a resistance band. She demonstrated a total of four moves, each separated into an individual video clip in the post. Linn told her followers in the caption that she completed three rounds of the routine as a circuit but that the exercises didn’t have to be completed as a circuit. Instead, trainees could perform three to four sets of each move before going on to the next.

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⚠️ UPPER GLUTES focus. Damn, these 4 moves are really so much tougher than they look!  1️⃣ BOSU HYPERS W/ BAND. 1 set x 12 reps ????The tough part here is to keep your knees as far apart as possible during the whole movement. The heavier the band is, the tougher the exercise will be, and it’s a damn hard one to start with!  2️⃣ BANDED SUPERSET SQUATS. 2 sets 8 x 8 reps each no rest. ???? O H M Y G O S H! 8 Banded squats into 8 banded barbell squats into 8 banded squats and 8 banded barbell squats AGAIN. My glutes and I were screaaaaaming!  3️⃣ CABLE KICKBACKS ON ALL 4. 1 set x 15 reps/leg ????Notice how I placed the bench on the side of the cable so I pull the cable underneath the bench and sideways up to engage more of my glute medius (upper part of glutes). Go slow and controlled with a tight core!  4️⃣ ABDUCTION STARS 555. 2 sets of 15 reps ????Start on one side, preform 5 reps, roll over on back for another 5 reps and then roll to the next side for 5 more reps, do this twice without rest in between!  ???? I did this as a circuit and I completed 3 rounds total. You can do it as a workout completing 3-4 sets of each exercise before moving onto next one also!  ???? Song; NOTD – I miss myself (R3HAB REMIX)

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Before beginning the routine, Linn flaunted her gym-honed figure for the camera. She stood with her back to the videographer and turned her head to flash a bright white smile. At the same time, she pointed toward her backside and then flexed a bicep before starting the first exercise.

Linn started things off with bosu hypers with band. She wrapped the resistance band around her thighs and positioned her body belly-down on the half stability ball. She then raised her legs up toward the ceiling, repeating the move. The next slide showed the banded superset squats. Linn performed eight squats and then another eight with a barbell.

The third exercise was the cable kickback on all fours. Positioning her body on an incline bench, Linn placed the cable on one ankle and kicked it out behind her in repetitive movements. She completed the circuit with abduction stars, performed from the floor.

In the caption of the post, Linn wrote out the moves and explained how each was performed. She warned her followers that the workout was tougher than it looked.

The post earned nearly 30,000 likes and more than 250 comments within the first day of appearing on the photo-sharing site.