‘Big Brother’ All-Stars Cast To Be Revealed On Premiere Date

Julie chen hosts Big Brother Season 21
Robert Voets / CBS

Big Brother fans are going to have to wait a little bit longer before the All-Stars roster reveal. The houseguests on Season 22 were originally going to be revealed this past Monday, but CBS went silent regarding their newest lineup, much to the disappointment of loyal viewers. Hours turned to days as the Big Brother fandom lashed out on Twitter, but a statement from the network today confirmed when the All-Stars would be presented to the world. According to a new tweet from CBS, America will meet the houseguests this coming Wednesday, the same day as the premiere.

“Get ready to expect the unexpected! Watch the first ever LIVE move-in and #BB22 cast reveal during the 2-hour season premiere on Wednesday at 9/8c on [CBS]!” the tweet read.

This is highly unusual for Big Brother, as fans are normally privy to who is entering the house ahead of time. In the past, subscribers to All Access could watch interviews with the hopefuls who detail their plans and aspirations for the season. This was set to be the case for BB22 as well, with interviews originally planned to be available to stream yesterday, but that never happened either. It appears there will be no pre-season interviews and all will be revealed on Wednesday.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother Season 21
  Sonja Flemming / CBS

How this live move-in is going to work remains to be seen. Generally, the move-in happens a week before the premiere, giving editors plenty of time to compile an episode to present to viewers. This is the first time Big Brother production will attempt this strategy for their show, leaving plenty of opportunities for error.

Fans are frustrated with the news of the reveal delay and suggesting something must be going on behind the scenes for the network to keep changing their plans. As The Inquisitr previously reported, spoiler accounts are hinting at a cast shakeup that pushed back the official release of the All-Stars list.

Another big possibility is potential players testing positive for the coronavirus, which would mean alternates would need to be brought in. Potential All-Stars had to quarantine for two weeks before being cleared to be on the show, but that’s nothing unusual for a Big Brother player who traditionally is put into sequester before filming begins anyway. There has been no confirmation by production regarding positive coronavirus tests.

Gossip sites and Twitter spoiler accounts are still rumbling over the All-Stars list, and many seem to have most of their returnees locked in. Anything can change before next week though, it is Big Brother after all.