'Live! With Kelly And Ryan' Shares 'How To Be Regis' Tribute Video With Some Of Late Host's Signature Moments

The Live with Kelly and Ryan Instagram page shared a "how to be Regis" tribute video that featured some of the late host's most memorable television moments. In a tutorial of how to behave just like the celebrity, the hilarious moments featured Regis, seated alongside Kelly Ripa, as he recounted various celebrity encounters, relayed everyday experiences, and acted quintessentially himself.

The video began with a tutorial of how to speak in the third person, something the late host did regularly. He relayed a story of his impending surgical procedure by saying to the audience, "Regis goes to the hospital." These were followed by other instances where he referred to himself in that manner with hilarious results.

This was followed by a series of segments where the morning talk show personality did celebrity impressions of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, talk show host Larry King, and newsmen Ted Koppel and Mike Wallace.

Regis was then featured sharing his favorite catchphrase. During this segment, his lovely wife of 50 years, Joy, was seen as a fill-in for Kelly. One of his most famous included "got a minute." He used that remark when he was attempting to get someone's attention and have it turned back to him.

At the conclusion of the two-minute segment of laugh-out-loud clips, Regis was seen learning how to accept criticism from his fans who said "you stink" to him via mail and messages. He was also heard using the word "incidentally" over and over again. Regis even had a glass jar with the word printed atop it that was placed on the desk he and Kelly shared. Each time he used the word, Regis had to place a dollar inside it. There were moments when he half said it aloud, only to stop himself so he would not have to pay up.

Some of the celebrities in the clips were Jennifer Aniston, The Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky, and chef Gordon Ramsey.

Fans adored the series of fun throwback segments. For many viewers, these brought back many good memories of their mornings shared with Regis and Kelly over the years.

"He was one in a million! Gosh, the world just got a bit darker. He will be missed!" said one fan.

"Always made me laugh out loud!" remarked a second follower.

"He was the best ever. No one will ever fill his shoes. I adored him," explained one Instagram user regarding the sweet tribute to the legendary daytime talk personality.

"Keep coming with these clips. These are hilarious!" stated a fourth fan.