EA Shutting Down Three Facebook Games On June 14

EA has announced that they are shutting down three of their Facebook social games. The shutdown will be completed on June 14.

There was a time when it looked like Electronic Arts was going to be taking a rather large stake in social gaming. It appears that time is over and the video game company has decided to cut its losses.

The games that the company will be shutting down are SimCity Social, The Sims Social and Pet Society in the middle of June.

This isn’t one of those game shutdowns that is a real mystery in any way, the company simply says that after some initial demand for the games, that demand has dropped off the map.

EA and Maxis made an announcement on the official site about the fact that these three games are going to be taken down this summer.

The companies wanted to make sure that fans of their social games were losing access to all games on the popular social networking site.

Electronic Arts is still going to be supporting a number of social games that are in conjunction with PopCap games. That means that people playing games like Bejeweled Blitz and Solitaire Blitz won’t be affected.

It appears that those looking forward to the recently announced Plants vs. Zombies Adventures won’t have to worry about that game going anyway anytime soon either.

On the official website, the company even teased that they are going to be giving away a special introduction to a PopCap game.

They didn’t give much in the way of information about what the teaser might pertain to. The shift in mobile games seems to be more about trying to drum up interest and less about a huge shift in the way they do things.

Do you play any of the social games that EA is shutting down on June 14?