‘Siesta Key’ Fans React To Alex’s Angry Texts To Juliette Porter’s New Boyfriend Sam Logan In Sneak Peek Scene

Siesta Key fans are watching the beginning of Juliette Porter’s love story with new boyfriend Sam Logan as it starts to unfold while her “unseen” ex and fired star Alex Kompothecras, soon to be a father, stews in the background.

In a new sneak peek for the MTV reality show posted to YouTube and Instagram, Juliette was seen telling pal Chloe Trautman that she has a “crush” on their longtime friend, Sam. On cue, Sam and their pal Mike walked in on the conversation.

After the foursome began to talk about Alex’s and his pregnant girlfriend Alyssa Salerno’s gender reveal party – Juliette wasn’t invited – they agreed to skip it and spend the day lounging on Sam’s family’s yacht instead.

Sam then shared a series of angry texts from Alex in which the law student told him to stay away from his ex, Juliette. In one text, he wrote that he has a “sh*t ton of anger” built up.

Chloe questioned what he was even saying by telling anyone to stay away from Juliette.

“He doesn’t want me to be like hanging around her and stuff,” Sam explained in the clip. “I feel like it’s a ‘pick a side’ type thing.”

“He’s having a baby!” Chloe pointed out. “He shouldn’t be telling you you can’t hang out with her.”

Sam admitted that Alex’s handling of things has been disappointing because he feels like he’s losing one half of his friend group. He then confirmed that he’s “for sure” choosing Juliette over his former friend.

You can see the Siesta Key sneak peek scene below.

In comments to the clip on Instagram, many fans of the MTV reality show agreed that Juliette has upgraded “so hard” with Sam after years of back and forth heartbreak with Alex.

“Juliette deserves a good one. She loves hard. Go on that yacht girl, forget Alex lol.”

“That’s what ya get Alex,” another wrote. “Oh how the tables have turned. Karma does truly get everyone deserved. Juliette is winning in every way!”

“Alex actin sh*itty as usual!!” another added. ” He needs to grow up… but good for Sam not letting him get into him… Guess he couldn’t buy that one!”

“I’m living for this relationship, and glad Alex got the boot and Sam’s on the show now!” another fan wrote.

Fans know that Alex was axed from Siesta Key in June just a few days after Alessi, his daughter with Alyssa, was born.

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