Gaia Online scares me this Halloween

Gaia Online, the virtual hangout for more than 7 million users, will allow its members to show off their spooky side during its weeklong virtual Halloween event called Halloween Hysteria.

The event will give loyal Gaians the opportunity to choose from a selection of over-the-top costumes, socialize, and treat-or-treat with friends from all over the country and play freaky Halloween-inspired games. In preparation for Halloween day, users can decorate their in-world house and even cause some mayhem in their neighborhood with virtual eggs and toilet paper.

“Halloween has always been an amazing holiday for this generation, but bringing all the festivities to Gaia Online lets our users take it even further,” said Scott Kinzie, vice president of creative and user experience, Gaia Online.

I have to be honest that nothing scares me on Halloween day than to see my kids staying at home in front of their computers, and giving away virtual candies to their friends.