Lingerie Football Locker Room Rant Prompts Investigation

A coach for a Legends Football League (previously known as the Lingerie Football League) is under investigation after launching into a locker room rant.

Officials for the league are currently reviewing Seattle Mist head coach Chris Michaelson after he used some colorful language while addressing his players. The expletive-laden rant reportedly took place during a showdown against Green Bay Chill.

The women’s football league, which recently changed its name from Lingerie to Legends, believes that Michaelson’s comments aren’t too far removed from the sort of language that’s generally tossed around a locker room. However, this doesn’t mean they support the coach’s behavior.

“Are you guys just f***ing retarded?” Michaelson shouted at his team at one point during the game.

An official for the football league said the coach’s rant is under investigation. The representative explained to TMZ that this sort of language will not be tolerated.

“Everything is in line as far as what is expected from a football locker room, but we don’t condone the use of the word retarded,” the rep explained.

Although the Seattle Mist initially struggled against the Green Bay Chill during the first half of the game, the team eventually pulled together for the win.

The Legends Football League official website wrote that the Chill “had the near-capacity crowd on the edge of their seats as they kept pace with Seattle score for score until the third quarter.”

Fans weren’t particularly thrilled with how the coach was treating his players. Many of them took to various social media sites to express their feelings about the situation.

“Dude, you’re coaching lingerie football. Ease up on the gas a bit,” one individual wrote.

While Michaelson is currently under review for his recent locker room rant, the coach is expected to be present for the Mist’s showdown against the Los Angeles Temptation on May 4.

What do you think about the Lingerie Football coach who recently launched into a controversial locker room rant? Do you think this sort of behavior is unacceptable?