Bus Driver Violently Assaults Passenger, Throws Him Off [Video]

Lincoln, NE – A Nebraska bus driver has been caught on camera violently assaulting a passenger before throwing him off the vehicle.

43-year-old Troy Fischer was filmed by the cameras on his own StarTran bus as he launched into a vicious assault, punching the 40-year-old passenger 18 times. Fischer then drags the struggling man off the bus and dumps him in the street before driving off.

As he drives away, Fischer can be heard telling his supervisor, “I put him off the bus. It wasn’t pretty.” He then requests that his supervisor doesn’t watch the tape, and asks whether the footage can be erased.

That request raised the supervisor’s suspicions. He ordered Fischer to abandon his route and come back to the garage, 90 minutes before the driver’s shift was due to end. After the supervisor viewed the footage from the bus’s cameras, Fischer was suspended without pay.

Fischer was fired by StarTran on Thursday following a disciplinary hearing in which he failed to offer a rebuttal. In a statement to the Lincoln Journal Star, City Public Works and Utilities Department Director Miki Esposito said:

“Mr. Fischer’s actions are reprehensible. This type of behavior is not, cannot and will not be tolerated by the city of Lincoln.”

Esposito ordered the release of footage from the four bus cameras. She also revealed that Fischer had called his supervisor to inform him he had a “difficult” passenger. However, Fischer ignored his supervisor’s instruction to ask the passenger to leave the bus. Esposito said:

“[The supervisor’s] directions were blatantly ignored. He took matters into his own hands.”

Fischer didn’t seem like an obvious candidate for such an assault. Background checks on the driver were clean, with only a warning for a traffic violation in his four years as a driver. Esposito said there were “no warnings or red flags.”

Fischer was remorseful during his disciplinary hearing, Esposito added.

Police have been unable to contact the alleged victim of the attack through the address and phone number he gave to officers.

You can watch Fischer’s assault below (and it’s pretty brutal, so be warned):