Stephen Miller Is Behind Donald Trump’s Scathing Attacks On Joe Biden, Leaked Memo Suggests

According to a Saturday report from The Washington Post, White House advisor Stephen Miller is behind President Donald Trump’s latest attacks on the Democratic Party’s presumptive presidential nominee, Joe Biden.

For months, Trump argued that his rival is an establishment politician dedicated to preserving the status quo. In recent weeks, however, the commander-in-chief has been changing his tone, using “militant and extreme language” to slam the former Delaware senator.

In a Twitter message posted on Wednesday, Trump accused his general election opponent of wanting to “abolish” ICE, the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, suburbs and “the American Way of Life.” The commander-in-chief echoed these sentiments during his remarks in the Rose Garden earlier this week.

Trump’s allies have adopted similar rhetoric, describing Biden as a puppet of the “radical left.”

The shift reportedly came after Miller authored a memo urging Trump and others to change their tone.

“In two concise pages, the document sent by White House senior adviser Stephen Miller laid out dozens of bullet-pointed attacks on Biden, along with a brief summary of positive points that describe Trump’s ‘vision for the future.'”

The memo said that a Biden victory in November would “surrender America and its citizens to the violent left-wing mob” and “allow left-wing fascists to destroy American.” Miller also accused the Democrat of wanting to empower “the mob to rip down every statue, vilify our heroes, erase our history.”

In addition, Miller’s talking points included criticism of the Democratic nominee’s policy record, stating that he wants to push for a “socialist takeover of health care,” while cutting programs such as Medicare and Social Security.

As The Washington Post noted, Biden is vehemently opposed to single-payer health care and believes that building on the Affordable Care Act is the best way forward. He has, however, supported cuts to Medicare and Social Security in the past.

Miller has also used his television appearances to launch similarly scathing attacks on Biden. During an interview with Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs earlier this week, Miller accused Biden and former President Barack Obama of “unleashing” MS-13 members on American streets.

Miller also described the 2020 presidential election as a choice between “public safety under this president or lawless mayhem under the radical left.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at McGregor Industries in Dunmore, Pennsylvania.

Miller’s push for more aggressive rhetoric comes as Trump continues to trail in the polls. The latest Quinnipiac University survey put Trump 15 percentage points behind Biden nationwide, also establishing that voters trust the Democrat over his opponent on key issues.