July 18, 2020
New Viral Video Shows A 'Karen' Demand To See A Landscaper's Immigration Papers

In a new viral video, a white woman approached a Hispanic man while he was doing his job and demanded to see his immigration papers. The woman has not been identified. However, the man is Juan Andrade of Rancho Mirage, California, according to The Daily Mail.

Andrade is employed as a landscaper. Prior to the incident, he was mowing the grass at an apartment complex when he was approached by the woman. He began recording the confrontation on his phone. The woman could be seen blowing a kiss to him before getting closer and asking if she could see his papers.

Shocked, Andrade explains that he was trying to do his job and she was in the way of his path. He calmly asked her to move, pointing out that she was not wearing a facial covering.

"Can you step away? You're too close to me right now," he told her.

She refused to move.

"Can you show me your papers?" the woman could be heard repeating before the clip cuts off.

Unfortunately, this is allegedly not the first time that Andrade has been on the receiving end of racial insults from this particular woman. He says that three months ago, she approached him and told him to "go back to his country."

A man holds travel papers.
Getty Images | Matt Cardy

Andrade later shared the video publicly and it has received plenty of attention online. The man says that he has been employed with the same California-based landscaping company for 10 years without an issue like this.

"It's usually been about the work, but never to instigate or harass me," he said.

He went on to describe his frustration for being treated like this while simply trying to make a living.

"When she was harassing me, I started to feel mad because I was just doing my work," he said.

Andrade said that based upon his experience with this particular woman, he does not believe she will have a change of heart or apologize.

Marcus Aleman, the housing manager at this particular complex, emphasized that they will be taking this incident very seriously.

"The Rancho Mirage Housing Authority has a zero-tolerance policy for this type of behavior and the harassment of any one, including other tenants, visitors, guests and contracted vendors conducting work at its affordable senior housing properties," he said in a statement.

The woman in this clip has been dubbed a "Karen" which is a popular term used to refer to a privileged white woman who complains about inconsequential issues. The term was also used to describe Amy Cooper, the woman in the viral Central Park confrontation video in New York, as The Inquisitr previously reported.