Drew Barrymore Goatee Came With Pregnancy

Drew Barrymore’s goatee confession may fall into the category of Too Much Information. The 38-year-old 50 First Date star recently spoke out to In Touch, saying that as a result of her pregnancy, “I got a wonderful little goatee — and it was red! I also got hyperpigmentation on my cheeks.”

The celebrity gossip magazine said that the problem was treated with microdermabrasian and concealer. Mm-kay. Cover-up on spiky weird pregnancy hair. Sure, that’ll totally work. Not.

Why not go all-out for laser removal of the offending hair and blemishes? After all, Drew Barrymore is not afraid of the laser. She married Will Kopleman, who is Jewish, in June, and gave birth to a daughter, Olive, in September who they’re raising in the Jewish faith.

As a result, Barrymore is reportedly undergoing repeated laser treatments to remove her tattoos — a requirement of her own conversion to Judaism. People with tattoos can’t be buried in traditional Jewish cemetaries.

A cynical woman might guess that if Drew Barrymore needed a goatee removed, she did in fact get it done by more effective processes than just slapping some exfoliant and concealer on top.

However, she’s also promoting a new beauty line, called Flower, that offers a staggering choice of 181 products. That’s a lot of concealer and perfume to push.

She also confessed to In Touch that she hasn’t really snapped back into shape since the birth of the baby, admitting that she wasn’t especially thin before she got pregnant to begin with. But she seemed at ease with her choices, getting in a little dig about how she’s “never going to be the person who talks about diet and exercise.”

Good for her. Leave the airhead exercise and magic food babble to Gwyneth Paltrow, I say.

In addition to getting painful laser tattoo removal and giving up on a lean body, Barrymore recently admitted that she’d made a lot of other sacrifices for baby Olive. Politely calling bull on the idea that women can have it all, she said that having a baby is “a lot about sacrifice.”

“There’s sometimes things you’ve invested a lot of time into or cared so much about, and you get to the precipice and you’re like, ‘I can’t do it,'” she admitted.

Despite the pressures of motherhood, Barrymore is slated to reunite with Adam Sandler in a a new, as-yet-untitled romantic comedy about a couple stuck together at a resort with their horrible children from previous marriages.

I’ll be watching for Drew Barrymore goatee jokes.

[Justin Long and Drew Barrymore photo by Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com]