Gavin Rossdale Says Son’s Two Broken Arms Are ‘Nothing Compared To When He’s In Oklahoma’ With Gwen Stefani

Gavin Rossdale talked about the two broken arms that his son Zuma has suffered in recent weeks during a Wednesday interview with Yahoo Entertainment/SiriusXM Volume. Even though Zuma sustained both injuries while staying with his father, Gavin suggested that the 11-year-old engages in behavior that is riskier when he’s staying in Oklahoma with his mother, Gwen Stefani.

During a previous interview, Gavin, 54, revealed that Zuma broke both of his arms in a six-week span. He stated that the first injury occurred indoors, and he elaborated on what happened during his more recent chat with Yahoo Music editor-in-chief Lyndsey Parker. According to Gavin, Zuma fell off of a stool and “busted his arm.” The little boy’s right arm had just finished healing when he broke his left limb while riding his bike. When Gavin was speaking about his son’s second accident, he mentioned the state that has become his three sons’ second home amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Then he went bike-riding and wiped out, broke the other arm, ripped his elbow, gashed his leg with the pedal,” Gavin said. “And that’s nothing compared to when he’s in Oklahoma!”

Zuma has been spending a lot of time in the Sooner State with his mother and her country music star beau. Gwen, 50, and Blake Shelton, 44, decided to self-isolate on Blake’s secluded ranch when the coronavirus forced them to both stop working, and Gwen brought her kids with them.

Gavin didn’t elaborate on what Zuma has been doing in Oklahoma that he considers potentially more dangerous than riding a bike and wiping out, but Blake has said that Zuma and his brothers — Kingston, 14, and Apollo, 6 — have spent a lot of time outdoors in the woods surrounding his ranch.

According to Gavin, Zuma is simply a daredevil at heart.

“He’s just a bruiser, you know?” the rocker said of his middle-oldest. “He’s too brave and crazy. The other two are a bit more measured, but this guy is like Evel Knievel!”

Gavin also spoke about how he and his ex-wife have been dividing their time with their children during the coronavirus pandemic. He and Gwen have a joint-custody agreement, and they were alternating weeks with the kids. However, Gavin thought that the boys would be safer in Oklahoma, so he allowed them to stay there for a longer period of time. For now, he and Gwen have decided that the weekly switch-off simply isn’t practical.

“I think that because they’re staying in Oklahoma, it’s a lot to ask them to come back one week on, one week off,” Gavin said. “So it’ll be like three weeks there, then they’ll come back for three weeks with me, and then it’s just even.”

Gavin said that he’s looking forward to seeing the boys next week when they return to Los Angeles. In the meantime, he’s been busy promoting the July 17 release of Bush’s new album, The Kingdom.

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