Krissy Cela Shows Off Killer Figure In New Cardio & Abs Workout

Krissy Cela takes a mirror selfie.
Krissy Cela / Instagram

Fitness model Krissy Cela added a new workout video to her Instagram collection on Tuesday, July 14, in which she trained her abs with a few intense cardio exercises.

For the routine, the model wore a pale green sports bra with darker green accents along the straps and rib cage. The design included a flat strip across the chest that pushed up her bust and several cutouts along the sides and back. The model showed off plenty of skin along her upper body, including her sculpted arms, shoulders, back, and chiseled abs.

On her lower half, Krissy wore a pair of green booty shorts with the name of the brand collection, Nike Pro, written in white block letters along the waistband. The shorts rose to just below the fitness trainer’s navel and extended to right past her backside, contouring to her curves and leaving the length of her muscular legs on display.

The model added a pair of white sneakers and matching white socks for footwear and styled her long, brunette tresses back in a ponytail secured behind her head. She also appeared to have added a touch of eye makeup and lip gloss to complete the look.

Krissy carried out the workout in an indoor space that featured wooden flooring and a large plant in one corner of the room. Floor-to-ceiling glass-paneled windows covered one of the walls and looked out onto an outdoor patio. The routine consisted of five, high-intensity exercises that were separated into individual video clips in the post. The model told her followers to complete 30 seconds of each exercise for two rounds.

The first exercise in the set was high knees, followed by wood choppers — in this second move, Krissy stood with her legs shoulder-width apart and brought a blue dumbbell from one shoulder to the opposite hip in both hands, alternating sides. In the third video, the model demonstrated ski jumps. Lowering her body into a closed-knee squat, Krissy powered herself into the air with her arms and legs spread in an “X” shape. The fourth exercise in the workout was plank in & outs, carried out from the floor. Krissy completed her circuit with the classic jumping jack.

In the caption, Krissy expressed her love for the new cardio challenges from the Tone & Sculpt app. She also asked her followers to let her know how they liked the workout in the comments section of the post. The model’s followers gave the post plenty of love, adding nearly 30,000 likes and more than 250 comments on the first day.