Prince Harry 'Only Has Himself To Blame' For His Rumored Unhappiness, Celia Walden Claims

Journalist Celia Walden had some harsh words for Prince Harry, writing that the redheaded prince "only has himself to blame" amidst persistent rumors of unhappiness while living in Los Angeles.

The stinging rebuke was published in The Telegraph, one of the few British media companies that is not being sued by the Duke and Duchess and Sussex.

"Do you hear that sound? That wincingly high-pitched lament drifting across the Atlantic all the way from LA? It's the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, sitting on the terrace of their Beverly Hills mansion, playing the world's smallest violins," Walden wrote.

The piece comes after numerous reports have suggested that Prince Harry has found the transition to leaving the royal family difficult, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

However, Walden claimed that any misery has been the couple's own making, and pointed out that the Sussexes had immense popularity at the time of their wedding.

"You could have had it all," Walden wrote, referencing the incredible support the duke and duchess had received.

Walden claimed that Prince Harry and his wife squandered most of their support with a number of ill-advised or otherwise unpopular decisions, particularly after stepping down from the monarchy.

"What you couldn't do was turn your back on the Commonwealth – and then insult it," Walden wrote.

prince harry and meghan markle in south africa
Getty Images | Facundo Arrizabalaga

In perhaps one such action, Prince Harry stated earlier in July that the United Kingdom must "acknowledge" its history of colonialism and right the wrongs of the past, as reported by CNN. Critics have slammed the remarks, claiming that the prince did not recognize the difference between the modern day Commonwealth -- of which countries voluntarily have become members -- and the British Empire.

"You couldn't publicly take the Queen to task over 'branding issues' in a manner of Kardashian-like crassness," Walden wrote, referencing the rumored frustration that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle felt upon learning they could not use the "Sussex Royal" name.

"You couldn't guzzle lobster ceviche (with George, Amal, Oprah or whoever else you felt validated your importance in a city that's built on schmooze) whilst mourning white privilege, or drive around Beverly Hills in a gas-guzzling six-litre engine SUV, whilst lecturing us about environmentalism. Do you see how that works?" Walden concluded.

This is not the only negative headline the two have faced over the past week. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, British CEO Graham Smith publicly told the couple to find a new income source, stating "we don't owe them a penny."