Connecticut Mom Tosses Her Baby During Bus Brawl [Video]

Hartford, CT — A Connecticut woman who probably won’t be winning any parenting awards experienced what might be called bus rage when she threw her baby to a random passenger so she could fight another female.

Police are investigating the chaotic incident on Wednesday morning that was caught on cell phone video (embedded below) but have not as yet identified any of the participants. Fortunately no one was apparently harmed in the scuffle.

In the video, two women are having a profanity laced screaming match, and the mom with a very cute child on her lap repeatedly shouts to the buss passengers about someone “grabbing her baby” so she can beat up the other female. Warning: Offensive language. The mom also says that the other woman “disrespected her” in front of her baby.

The mom then abruptly tosses the baby (or perhaps pushes the child) to a nearby passenger and rushes to the front of the bus to physically attack the other woman. “The angry woman is seen screaming at her rival for more than 90 seconds — with her tiny girl placidly sitting in her lap — before she roughly tosses the infant into the arms of a stranger across the aisle.”

Apparently the confrontation was about something to do with the mom’s boyfriend.

According to Connecticut Transit General Manager David Lee, “She just jumps up and throws her baby into the lap of another passenger.” The bus driver pulled over to the side and called police according to company standard operating procedure but the woman and her baby had fled the scene by the time cops arrived. “It’s pretty terrible,” Lee added. The violent incident was not captured on the bus’s surveillance cameras, however.

Do you think mass-transit buses have replaced fast-food restaurants and convenience stores as America’s war zones?

Watch the video of the woman throwing her baby to another passenger so she can confront the person with whom she was arguing: