Baltimore Bus Driver Fights Teenager For Playing Music Too Loud [Video]

Baltimore, MD — A bus driver got into a wild physical altercation with a high-school student on Monday afternoon apparently over loud music, and the driver is now suspended after the video hit the internet.

Both the driver and passenger are female.

According to CBS Baltimore, Channel 13, “the woman who shot the fight [on cell phone video] says it started when the driver thought the teenage passenger was playing her music too loudly and stopped the bus to confront her.”

The Baltimore Sun has more details on the bus brawl:

“In the video out of Baltimore, the bus driver can be seen grappling with the female student. The student appears to punch and kick the driver multiple times as the driver tries to hold the girl down. The bus driver finally seems to overpower the student, and asks her if fighting somebody makes her ‘feel better.’ “

The Maryland Transportation Administration (MTA) has a “no-engagement” policy which was clearly not adhered to in this violent incident.

CBS Baltimore reports that the as-yet-unidentified bus driver has been employed by the MTA for about nine years, and the agency is reviewing the YouTube video as well as any surveillance footage that might have been taken.

Things have been getting out of hand on city buses of late. For example, last month, as The Inquisitrpreviously reported, a Cleveland bus driver punched a female passenger in the jaw over a fare dispute.

Watch the raw footage of the fight on the Baltimore bus between the driver and the teenage passenger and a report about the bus fight from Baltimore’s Channel 13, WJZ TV:

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