Over $4M In Jewelry Stolen From Connecticut Store

Meriden, CT — Over $4 million in jewelry was stolen from a store in Fairfield by two armed men. The suspects kidnapped the store’s manager and another employee during a home invasion before the heist.

During a press conference on Friday, police reported that four or five men wearing masks and gloves bound and gagged the store manager, an employee, and two others on Thursday at a house in Meriden.

The two employees were then taken at gunpoint to Fairfield where they robbed the safe at Lenox Jewelry. The actual robbery took five minutes. After the heist, the victims reported that they were left restrained in the back of the store while the robbers made off with more than $4 million in jewels.

The victims were able to free themselves and call the robbery and kidnapping in to police on Thursday night. All the victims were unharmed in the incident. Meanwhile, a search is underway for the four or five suspects. Their identities are all currently unknown.

A car taken during the home invasion portion of the jewelry heist was recovered on Friday after officials received a tip to its location.

The suspects were believed to be communicating during the robbery. They appeared to coordinate their efforts between the victims at the house and the jewelry heist 40 miles away.

The two victims held at the house in Meriden were released one minute after the two suspects left the jewelry store in Fairfield with their loot.

Fairfield and Meridien police are working together on the case, along with help from the FBI. They are currently looking to see if the $4 million jewelry heist is similar in any way to other robberies in the Northeast.

Fairfield police have also released a 911 call about the incident. In the call, a man claims that he was followed to Meriden where hostages were being held. It is not yet clear if, or when, authorities will have the identities of the men responsible for stealing more than $4 million in jewelry.

[Image via ShutterStock]