Four Seasons Jewelry Heist: Thieves Steal $160,000 In Merchandise

The Four Seasons Hotel in New York City was the recent scene of a jewelry heist.

Authorities explained that two men walked into the Four Seasons Hotel on Saturday at around 2 am. According to The New York Times, police believe the suspects made off with around $160,000 in merchandise.

Hotel spokeswoman Tiffani Cailor said staff always keep an eye on people who enter the building at such an hour. While one of the suspects talked with workers, another individual brandished a sledgehammer and destroyed the display near the concierge desk. Police believe the thieves made off with $166,950 in goods during the Four Season jewelry heist.

The display case was reportedly filled with merchandise from New York City jeweler Jacob & Company. Owner Jacob Arabo was clearly upset by the incident.

He said:

“This is small-time, running into a hotel, smashing things with a hammer. Unfortunately, it happened to me. How come it was my window, when there were other windows with jewelry in the hotel?”

CNN reports that there are a total of 18 display cases inside the Four Seasons Hotel. Arabo believes the jewelry heist was centered around his merchandise because of “brand recognition.”

Whatever the reason, Cailor said the hotel is “very concerned and upset over the theft.” Staff at the Four Seasons are reportedly working with police to determine who was responsible for the jewelry heist.

When the story first broke, CBS reported that three men were responsible for stealing jewelry from the hotel. An estimate of the stolen merchandise was initially in the ballpark of $2 million. However, that number has since been reduced to around $160,000.

The hotel reassured guests that the recent Four Seasons jewelry heist doesn’t mean they are currently in any danger. Police are still on the lookout for two six-foot African-American males that were last seen heading away from the hotel on 57th street.

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