Chris Wallace Says Joe Biden's 2020 Strategy Is 'Driving The People In The Trump Campaign A Little Batty'

On Friday, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace weighed in on former Vice President Joe Biden's 2020 campaign strategy, Mediaite reported.

Wallace argued that Biden has, so far, had no reason to change his approach, given that President Donald Trump is trailing him in most polls.

"Why fix what ain't broke?" the veteran anchor asked, conceding that Biden will have be more proactive in the future.

"He's going to have to come out at some point, he's got the convention, after Labor Day, people are certainly going to expect him out more. And of course we expect that there are going to be three presidential debates, so this won't go on forever," Wallace noted.

"But so far, so good, from his point of view, and I think it's driving the people in the Trump campaign a little batty."
The Democratic Party's presumptive presidential nominee has largely stayed out of the spotlight, seldom speaking to the media. He has, however, been holding virtual town halls and fundraisers, reaching out to potential voters via social media.

As Mediaite noted, Wallace's remarks came after Biden declined to take questions from national media during his Pennsylvania trip. However, the former vice president is apparently open to speaking with local outlets.

The Biden campaign's strategy of keeping their candidate on the sidelines has been criticized by prominent Republicans and by Trump himself.

In an interview last month, the president alleged that Biden is not even in charge of his campaign.

"He's been in the basement for a long time. He's not running his campaign. People are running his campaign," he said.

However, some Republicans have argued that Biden's strategy has been effective. In a recent interview, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said that the Democrat might win in November if his campaign keeps him in the "basement" of his Delaware home.

Gingrich speculated that the former vice president's team is deliberately hiding their candidate in order to ensure that his record is not being scrutinized by the electorate.

Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at McGregor Industries in Dunmore, Pennsylvania.
Getty Images | Spencer Platt

Republican operatives are reportedly becoming increasingly concerned about the 2020 election and believe that the Biden campaign's strategy is indeed working. The president's reelection team has made numerous attempts to bait the presumptive Democratic nominee to make more public appearances, but he has resisted them thus far.

According to most polls, Biden is ahead of Trump. Surveys also suggest that the public is becoming increasingly critical of the president's response to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the latest ABC News/Ipsos poll, 67 percent of Americans disapprove of the way Trump has handled the unprecedented public health crisis.