‘Need For Speed’ Reboot Rumors Appear To Be False

Need For Speed rumors that the series is getting a reboot appear to be false. While the rumors began circulating this morning, Criterion’s creative director Alex Ward took to twitter to announce that the company had “moved on.”

The rumors that there might be an Underground reboot had gotten around thanks to a picture that appeared to be a logo for the game. What with the number of remakes that are being put out or worked upon in the last few years some took the rumors and ran with them.

One might have to forgive those who got a little overzealous when reporting on those pictures being leaked out. Not only is that exactly how people have found out about new games like Batttlefield 4 but the game series is so popular that there is actually a movie based on the games coming out next year.

Need For Speed : Underground talk was quashed almost before it really started getting going by Ward tweeting about the speculation. Most video game companies will remain mute about almost anything that they don’t specifically want out there simply because there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Criterion apparently believed they needed to get out in front of this before their fans started demanding a reboot and the company got a real mess on its hands.

The actual tweet is actually quite a bit more forceful than merely saying his company had moved on. Ward made sure in no uncertain terms that reboot talk was based on false information by saying, “Totally fake. Remakes and reboots? #movedon”

Totally fake.Remakes and Reboots? #movedon

— Alex Ward (@AlexanderJWard) April 12, 2013

Some have said that because he didn’t make a direct reference to a new Underground game that he might have been studiously ignoring that for an ulterior motive. It seems more likely that he simply didn’t think he needed to spell it out that clearly and that he knew most would understand what he was talking about.

There has been no other evidence of a Need for Speed reboot other than the picture that was leaked.