‘Need For Speed: Most Wanted U’ Review Roundup

Need for Speed: Most Wanted U is exactly what you think it is. It’s the famous EA Games racer on the Wii U.

The Need for Speed videogame series has gone through a lot of evolutions since its inception, the most notable of which was the overall look of the game in an effort to mimic the Fast and The Furious films. That was when the series started pulling the blurry streak effect that happens when you hit the NOS, and the city started getting lit up like a neon version of Christmas.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted, however, took a step back and focused more on the police chases. Some people loved it, and others hated it. The ones who hated it probably went the Carbon route.

A lot of people didn’t mind, apparently, as the racer sold enough copies to warrant a translation for the latest Nintendo console, the Wii U.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted U was released March 19, 2013 and met with generally positive feedback.

One thing that Wii U owners regretted was how often ports to their console didn’t meet the standards they expected, but that wasn’t the case with this racing title. Need for Speed: Most Wanted U gave us everything that was on the other consoles, and then some. From the moment your tires leave the start line, it’s clear that Need for Speed: Most Wanted Uis every bit the game Wii U needs. It even takes advantage of the unique experience the Wii U offers.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted U offers a co-op driving option, allowing the backseat driver to offer tips and suggest routes, control the time cycle, and even tune up your ride. And when was the last time your second player took control of traffic and drove it out of your way? You might want to be careful who you invite to navigate for you though, as they can just as easily increase the difficulty on you.

Despite the small screen of the GamePad, you can still catch the detail that EA Games and Criterion meticulously translated for the Wii U, from the glare of coming out of a tunnel into the daylight, to specks of dirt that cling to the windshield if you go off-road. Sunlight even skims off rainwater that has pooled on the uneven, cracked tarmac.

The attention to detail and added features combine to make this a game you must own if you’re a Wii U race fan.

What do you think of Need for Speed: Most Wanted U?

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