Britney Spears Poses In Low-Cut Shirt, Says She’s Rooting For The World

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Pop superstar Britney Spears has shared another photo to her Instagram feed, and this time the caption has her fans rumbling in the comments section. The new post is a head-on shot taken of Britney, but it doesn’t appear to be a selfie. The camera is positioned slightly above the musician who is looking up into the camera in a daze.

In the new photo, Britney was wearing a low-cut floral peasant top which was tied right around her bust. She paired the outfit with a white shell necklace and appeared to be wearing her signature black eyeliner. The “Womanizer” singer’s blond locks were pulled up in a messy ponytail with her bangs hanging just above her eyes.

In the caption of the post, Britney greeted the world as a whole and noted that she was “rooting” for it. She added four smooch emoji with a bunch of exclamation points for effect.

In under an hour, the post had well over 100,000 likes, which is not unusual for a photo shared from the pop superstar. Thousand of comments also piled up on the post, with fans expressing their concern, something also not out of the ordinary for one of her Instagram shares.

“Been my inspiration for longer than a decade now and I’m so happy to have you as my inspiration,” an adoring fan wrote with several red-heart emoji.

Many fans are generally concerned for her well-being, and some believe she may not even be the one posting photos to her own social media page. The “FreeBritney” hashtag has been around for quite some time now, as supporters of the hitmaker suggest she is not in control of her own life.

It’s also been rumored that Britney’s two sons were staying with their dad, Kevin Federline, throughout quarantine, which was also worrisome to her followers.

“We’re rooting for YOU to have the right to hire an attorney for yourself, Britney!!” one fan wrote under the new post.

“WE WANT YOUR FREEDOM!!!! WE LOVE U SO MUCH,” another added with extra emphasis.

The new post appears to have been taken the same day as another photo and a video which were shared on her timeline in the last 24 hours. The video featured Britney wearing a different peasant top, but sporting the same white shell necklace. She answered questions from her fans, which included her revealing that “Toxic” was her favorite song from her catalog.

In yesterday’s photo, Britney’s top was slightly more revealing and featured a floral pattern, but this time she paired her white necklace with a black choker.

“May this gracious beautiful summer help us all spread our wings and fly to where our hearts truly desire,” she wrote in the caption.