Donald Trump Denies Claims He Doesn’t Want To Be Reelected: ‘I Want It With All My Breath’

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Rumors that President Donald Trump doesn’t want to be re-elected to a second term have been swirling for months, but on Wednesday, the commander-in-chief denied the idea that he was intentionally sabotaging his campaign.

“I want it with all my breath, with every ounce of what I represent,” he told Real Clear Politics.

Trump has been focusing in recent days on the message of a culture war in the U.S. He told Americans at a speech at Mount Rushmore for the Fourth of July holiday that the country was under attack by people who want to erase history and “indoctrinate our children.”

He warned that mobs of people were looking to “unleash a wave of violent crime” across the U.S. The president says that this message is winning over voters and will bring him a second term.

“We were sailing to an easy victory. Now, I have to fight for the victory, but I’ve been fighting all my life. That’s what I do. I fight for victory,” he said.

Trump has been trailing his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, in most of the polls taken over recent weeks and has sought to paint the Democrat as the leader of “cultural revolution” on the left that will create a financial collapse and a larger government presence to the lives of Americans.

Democratic presidential candidate and former U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden delivers a campaign speech at the Des Moines Register Political Soapbox at the Iowa State Fair on August 08, 2019 in Des Moines, Iowa.
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A Biden administration would create “a massive and very deep depression in this country because he intends to raise taxes massively on everybody to pay for programs that don’t work.”

Trump hasn’t attempted to temper his often-controversial statements in light of his cratering popularity, however. He recently asked if NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace would apologize after a noose-shaped rope was found in his garage, shocking many, including people in conservative circles. He also criticized NASCAR for banning confederate flags at its races.

Bubba shot back at the president, criticizing him for failing to get the facts straight about the noose “hoax” situation, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

The president argues that he has has been following his gut and doesn’t intend to change, since it has gotten him this far. He says he plans to continue to call things as he sees them.

“My instincts have been right. I follow my instinct,” he said. “I follow the brain; the brain has gotten me far.”

Trump has just four months, Real Clear Politics notes, to win over voters with his message in order to stay in the Oval Office, as he claims he wants to do.