'American Idol' Down To Only Female Contestants After Lazaro Arbos Booted

Nathan Francis

American Idol is down to just the ladies.

On Thursday the show eliminated the final remaining male contestant, the much reviled Lazaro Arbos. The show now has a first --- all of the top five this season will be female singers. It also ensures that American Idol will have its first female winner in six years.

The results come one day after two polarizing performances. Candice Glover gave a rendition of "Lovesong" that many rank among American Idol's all-time greatest performances, while Lazaro Arbos sang a version of "Close To You" that was so pitiful, the crowd didn't even bother to boo Randy Jackson when he ripped it.

Jackson said: "You know that I love you, the person. … Your story inspires us all. But all I can say is, ‘No, no, no NO. That was horrible.' "

The other judges seemed to agree with Jackson's blunt assessment of Arbos. Mariah Carey and Keith Urban both acknowledged Lazaro Arbos as a person --- and he did bring an interesting storyline to the show, if nothing else --- but said his vocals were way off the mark.

Nicki Minaj recused herself from commenting, as she clearly had nothing good to say about Arbos.

And Lazaros didn't do much better on his final song Wednesday, turning in a cover of Robbie Williams' song "Angels" that was only marginally better than his first effort.

In fact, afterward Randy Jackson and Keith Urban decided instead of ripping Lazaro again to praise the show's strong slate of female singers.

The all-girl final for American Idol was actually something Minaj predicted.

Speaking to reporters last month, Nicki Minaj was asked if she thought one of the (then) three remaining male contestants could win American Idol.

Her answer was direct: "NO!" After a silent moment, she added: "No. Absolutely not. Not a chance."

He may not have done too well on American Idol, but Lazaro Arbos did at least accomplish one thing --- he truly was the last man standing.