Sticky Raises $3 Million, Uses Eye Tracking Technology To Measure Ad Efficacy

Eye-tracking technology startup Sticky has announced a new $3 million funding round.

The company will now rebrand as EyeTrackShop and will focus on webcam-based eye tracking that came about from Tobii Technologies.

Sticky’s biggest selling point is its ability not only to tell if an ad was served or rendered on a user’s screen but also to determine exactly when they saw each ad.

Using its system, customers are given access to a dashboard which shows an ad’s impact and the actual cost that is needed to reach 1,000 viewers.

The network allows advertisers to understand exactly how their ad money is being spent for engagement. Advertisers can easily see which ad formats engage with viewers and then use those ads more frequently.

Sticky also helps advertisers develop campaigns that they say will better engage viewers based on its priority market research. Sticky says it creates campaigns that make a major impact at a higher cost-per-view and then lowers that cost to reinforce the message.

The company carries some big name advertisers including P&G, McDonalds, GroupM, and L’Oreal, among others.

In a press release for its $3 million funding round, Sticky founder and CEO Mathia Plant writes:

“Our mission is to help clean up the digital wasteland of advertising.”

The new funding round was led by Northzone and Conor Venture Partners. Last year Sticky earned $3 million from Northzone.

EyeTrackShop is not alone in the eye-tracking ad game, but their product is one of the more robust solutions we have seen to date.

Do you think EyeTrackShop technology will ultimately lead us to better ads that we actually want to watch?