Kris Humphries Sued For Unpaid Clothing Bill

Dan Evon

Kris Humphries is being sued by a clothing store in Beverly Hills.

According to TMZ, Scott Hill filed a lawsuit against the NBA star this week.

Hill claims that Humphries agreed to deliver high profile clients in exchange for a discount on suits. Hill says that he gave Humphries a 30% discount on everything in the story but that the NBA star did not keep his end of the bargain.

The lawsuit claims that Humphries was supposed to deliver 2 NBA clients within 12 months in exchange for a 30% suit discount. Humphries reportedly didn't keep his end of the bargain and now he is being sued for $52,000.

Hill told Hip Hollywood: "The simple matter is that we hoped Kris would live up to his side of the agreement, but he chose not to appreciate that hard work my company put in ... We gave Kris the opportunity to clear things up. For sometime, there's been a difference of opinion on how things should be handled. Therefore, we had to take legal remedy."

Hill says that Humphries bought more than $46,000 in merchandise from the store but still has more than $6000 in unpaid bills. Hill wants his discount money back as well as damages from the broken contract.

Humphries has not commented on the lawsuit yet.

The new lawsuit isn't the only thing that may be causing Kris Humphries a headache. The NBA star is currently engaged in a court battle with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.