‘Sexsomnia Defense’ Gets Man Acquitted Of Molesting Teenage Girls

Dusten Carlson - Author

Aug. 23 2017, Updated 1:06 a.m. ET

A Copenhagen man was acquitted of rape and molestation of two underage girls because he suffers from a unique affliction: sexsomnia.

The 32-year-old had been charged with the sexual assault of two 17-year-old girls in 2011. This week, Glostrup District Court decided to dismiss the charges against him after it was apparently proven that he suffers from sexsomnia, a sleep disorder which causes people to engage in sex acts while they’re conked out.

“It is the first time that someone has been acquitted under these circumstances in Denmark,” said Andro Vrlic, the man’s lawyer. “There have been a couple of cases in Sweden and Norway.”

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The acquitted has always claimed that the was asleep when the incident took place, but the police charged him anyway. After all, who would believe that explanation? He was later tested and apparently proven to have the condition.

Sleeping specialists confirmed his condition after watching his brain patterns while he slept.

“According to his explanation, he did not know that there was anything wrong with him,” said the prosecutor. “But when former girlfriends told him that they had experienced something similar while he slept, he sought out a sleep specialist [who tested him].”

He added that the testimony from the girls supported his claim that he was asleep when he allegedly groped one and made sexual motions to another. Because the “sexsomnia” defense was supported by the victims and the experts in court, he was acquitted.

“We had a professor in court who concluded that the fluctuations in the man’s brain patterns matched others who suffered from sexsomnia,” the prosecutor added. “It’s not something that can be faked.”

I would like to know why this guy was apparently sleeping alongside two 17-year-old girls in the first place though…

We’ve reported on sexsomnia before, but here’s the cheat sheet on this sleeping disorder. It only affects one percent of the population, and like the prosecutor said, it’s impossible to fake. So any pervs reading this article, don’t try your luck.


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