TikTok Contortionist Sofie Dossi Does A Backbend & Zane Hijazi Stands On Her Stomach

Sofie Dossi amazed many of her 3.4 million Instagram followers on Saturday with a new video that showed her incredible strength, flexibility, and balance.

Sofie, 19, rose to fame on America's Got Talent, where she wowed viewers with her incredible contortionist act. She later brought her body-bending skills to social media, and she gained a huge fan following on multiple platforms, including TikTok and Instagram.

For her latest video, Sofie enlisted the help of 27-year-old YouTube star Zane Hijazi. Sofie was dressed to move in a pair of skintight black leggings, along with a formfitting black crop top with a mandarin collar and a large cutout on the bust. Sofie had on a pair of shoes, but Zane was only rocking socks with his yellow T-shirt and blue athletic shorts.

Sofie and Zane's video was filmed outside in front of an array of lush green plants. They performed their stunt in the grass underneath an arched pergola with a canvas top.

Sofie's video began with a close-up shot of Zane lip-syncing the spoken-word opening of the Chris Brown song "Look at Me Now." The camera was then flipped over to film Sofie, who was upside down. Her thick curls were brushing the grass, and she was using her hands to hold herself up. She mouthed the second part of the song's opening, which is about being unable to get inside a club.

The camera quickly switched back and forth between Zane and Sofie one more time before it cut to a shot from much further back. This view revealed that Sofie was doing a backbend, and Zane was standing on top of the petite athlete's bare stomach.

Sofie was shown lifting one arm up as Zane moved his arms around. The video ended with a shot of Sofie lifting both arms up and extending them out to the sides, making it appear as though she was only using her legs to hold herself in the backbend position.

Sofie's followers have hit the "like" button on her video over 73,000 times since she uploaded it to her Instagram account. They also took to the comments section to express their amazement over her skills.

"Wow! That's really impressive!" read one response to her video.

"How in the world do you defy gravity it doesn't make sense," asked another impressed fan.

"You are so talented," a third remark read.

"How do you not die?!" wrote a fourth commenter.

Sofie didn't reveal why she was hanging out with Zane, but the Vlog Squad star isn't the only member of a content creator collective that she's done a stunt with. She recently teamed up with Hype House member Kelianne Stankus to perform a similar trick. That time, Kelianne did a handstand on Sofie's stomach.