Catherine Giudici Pokes Fun At A Tabloid Article Accusing Her Of Being A Drunk

Catherine Giudici, the wife of former The Bachelor star Sean Lowe, took to Instagram on Friday, June 26 to share some photos of a few comical tabloid articles published about her in the past. The articles were published by Star Magazine and accused her of many things -- from cheating on Lowe to being drunk in public.

Despite how harsh the articles were, it all appears to be water under the bridge for Giudici, who seems to now be able to look back and laugh at the absurdity.

In the first photo, she smiled up at Lowe, her arms around his waist. Lowe looked to the side and had his arm wrapped around his wife's shoulders. The pair appeared to be enjoying a night out. Even though the two appeared to be happy and in love, the article suggested there was something much more sinister going on. It accused Giudici of turning to alcohol to cope with loneliness while Lowe was away filming Dancing with the Stars.

In the second photo, the couple appeared to be standing in a store. They both wore identical glasses, which they pulled down on their noses while making silly expressions. While it seemed like the pair were genuinely happy, the article suggested they were only playing it up for the cameras. It further suggested that behind closed doors, the couple had a very different relationship.

In the final photo, the two were dressed up and held hands while walking. The bottom of the page had an image of a man identified as Julz Tocker of Dancing with the Stars. The article accused Giudici of cheating on Lowe with Tocker.

In her caption, the former reality contestant poked fun at the outlandish accusations, joking that she had been dubbed a drunk, a cheater, and a liar all in the same year. All three articles appeared prior to when the duo got married in 2014.

In the comments section, her followers joked about how truly different she is from what was portrayed in the magazine.

"You're literally the furthest thing from all these things! I'm not sure I've ever seen you with a drink!" one person commented.

"At least those pictures look fabulous lol," joked another fan.

"Ridiculous that people try to ruin others happiness. You guys are couple goals," a third user wrote.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Lowe and Giudici are now not only happily married, they also share three children together -- Samuel, Isaiah, and baby Mia. They have stated they intend to welcome at least one more child into their lives, perhaps by way of adoption.