Hamster Digs Its Way Out Of Grave, 24 Hours After Being Buried Alive

A hamster shocked its owners over the Easter holiday by returning from the dead after being buried in their garden.

The pet, which is called Tink, was buried in kitchen roll, which it then ate through before rising back through the earth.

Lisa Kilbourne-Smith and her boyfriend James Davis, who live in Painswick, Gloucestershire, were looking after the animal for their friends when they found the creature not moving in its cage.

Believing her to be dead, the couple then wrapped the body in kitchen roll, and decided to dig a grave for her and laying her to rest. They then rung up the pet’s owners, Nicki Gamble and Jamie Wynn, to inform them of their pet’s demise.

However, the next day, which just so happened to be Good Friday, the hamster returned from the ground after apparently going into hibernation.

Tink had apparently maintained her strength through the night by sheltering inside an empty cardboard box after digging her way out of the grave.

Kilbourne-Smith’s father, Les, then found the animal after going to flatten the boxes and noticing her head popping out. After fighting off these horrors, Tink also escaped being eaten by the family’s cat, Milo.

Lisa Kilbourne-Smith remarked, “James came home from work and found her lying in hte middle of her cage cold and lifeless and he thought she was dead. We wrapped her up in a load of kitchen towel and buried her about a foot deep in the back garden so that the cat couldn’t dig her back up again.”

Mr David added, “I cam home and though she was dead because she’s two and a half years old, which is quite old for a hamster. When Les found her safe and well in the recycling, I had the embarrassing job of ringing Jamie to tell him, ‘She’s not dead, she crawled out of her grave last night’.”

Because of her miraculous recovery, Tink has now been renamed Jesus.